About Us

Our mission

Our purpose is to promote traditional forms of analog entertainment in connecting people and advancing creative and social behavior. ย We believe that organizations are made up of โœจ extraordinary โœจ individuals, and that with teamwork we can really shake the world into its best alignment. We obsess over building strong teams, so that yours can achieve its highest potential.
Our Story

What makes us different?

Our Culture

Evenchilda is a group of absolute weirdos from all over the world that were brought together by destiny to create this awesome company!

Evenchilada is the most complete events company in the world! We have everything you need to host the most delicious event around. Check out our events menu to see all of our exciting options! All of our events are offered virtually as well.
Our Team

It takes a mighty team...

Stacy N
Events Coordinator
Holden T
Gosia R
Holly B
Events Manager
Sandra K
Graphic Designer
Jakub B
Junior Events Coordinator
Max S
Programmer / Developer
Ola P
Office Assistant
Our Performers

Just a few of our great hosts

Jim W
Alex J
Aiden P
Josef S
Keith A
Marek W
Chris H
Derrek C
Stacy N
Disco Jimmy
Aditya A
Shannon V

Want to join our team?

We're always on the lookout for great performers and people who love managing and organizing live events