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This is bingo but not as you know it! This is not your grandparent's bingo night - it's Evenchilada Bingo!

We have given bingo a funky fresh twist and currently offer lots of different options for virtual bingo which you can mix and match as you wish:

  • Music Bingo - We have replaced numbers with music! Everyone will be singing and dancing as they play along, so expect some impromptu Karaoke! We can tailor the genre of music to your liking, or keep it at popular hit music that everyone knows and loves!
  • Movie Quote Bingo - We take the best movie quotes of all time, mix them all together then splash them on your bingo cards. Reminisce about your favourite moments in movie history in an awesome bingo format!
  • TV Themes Bingo - Like our Music Bingo but with the best (and worst) of TV theme music!‍
  • Retro Bingo - For those of you who do enjoy going to bingo nights with your grandparents, don't worry we can host what we like to call 'Retro Bingo'!‍
  • 'The Guac' Bingo - Evenchilada's 'The Guac' Bingo is a perfect mixture of Music and Retro bingo, all blended into one tasty combination!
Super fun evening tonight guys! Our staff loved it and we cannot wait for more! Disco Jimmy rulez! Music Bingo was a great success! big love from MarketOne
Everyone enjoyed the event :) thanks so much for your time! Disco Jimmy made my WEEK!
The session was really good fun, we all had a great evening and a lot of people commented particularly on how great Jim was. Thank you again.
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