🎸 Music Bingo

You're one step closer to an amazing virtual event!

Evenchilada Music Bingo is not bingo as you know it! We have replaced numbers with music! Everyone will be singing and dancing as they play along. So expect some impromptu Karaoke! 

Like all of our virtual events, Evenchilada Music Bingo features an amazing and energetic host! They will provide you with your personal randomized and interactive music bingo card. They are also fully prepared to use your virtual conferencing platform of choice. They are most experienced with Google Meet, Zoom, Cisco WebEx and Microsoft Teams, but if you prefer a different platform, let us know and we will make sure to familiarize ourselves with it ahead of time.

Evenchilada Music Bingo is a great way to spend time with your remote team and enjoy each other’s company outside of business hours. We can even accommodate requests. So if you would like to customize your music bingo experience let us know. We can do 80s, 90s, 00s or a combination of all three! We can also focus on one genre if you like. 

We don’t stop there! Evenchilada also offers other bingo options:

Movie Quote Bingo - We take the best movie quotes of all time, mix them all together then splash them on your bingo cards. Reminisce about your favourite moments in movie history in an awesome bingo format!

Retro Bingo - For those of you who do enjoy going to bingo nights with your grandparents, don't worry we can host what we like to call 'Retro Bingo'!‍

'The Guac' Bingo - Evenchilada's 'The Guac' Bingo is a perfect mixture of Music and Retro bingo, all blended into one tasty combination!

You can also add a round of bingo as an 'Side Dish' to one of our other events!


Step 1:

Head to our booking page by clicking the red box in the top right corner. Select ‘Music Bingo’. If you would like one of our other bingo options, mention it in the ‘additional requests’ field. Then one of our Event Specialists will contact you to complete the booking.

Step 2:

We will send you a personalized set of instructions for you to send to your online co workers so they can prepare for some awesome bingo action!

Step 3:

Get yourself a drink and a comfy chair then log into your virtual conferencing platform of choice. 

Step 4:

Enjoy Evenchilada’s virtual music bingo!


A computer with a reliable internet connection

A mobile device to access your personalized interactive music bingo card

Headphones or quality speakers

A tasty drink and a snack

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Feedback was really good, Alex was great.
Def a fun throwback jam session 😊 Thank you and Stacy so much for coordinating and making it fun! The Team had a blast!!!!
Keystone Strategy
Super fun evening tonight guys! Our staff loved it and we cannot wait for more! Disco Jimmy rulez! Music Bingo was a great success! big love from MarketOne
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🎸 Music Bingo

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