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Evenchilada Trivia is one of our most outstanding and successful events. However, if you’ve looked around our website you know that we wouldn’t just stop there. We offer another version as well. Survival Trivia! Where if you answer incorrectly you’re eliminated! 

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How it works!

Step 1:

Just click on the red booking form link up there in the top right corner and let us know you want to play some Survival Trivia! You can keep the element of surprise and play the trivia themes we present or you can choose your own themes! Just let us know in the additional info field. 

Step 2: 

We will send you a personalized set of instructions for you to send to your co-workers so they can prepare for some awesome trivia!

Step 3:

If you're playing a virtual event, get yourself a drink and a comfy chair then log into your virtual conferencing platform of choice. If you’re in person you just need to worry about the refreshing drink and we’ll take care of everything else!

Step 4:

Enjoy the event!

What you need for virtual events:

• A computer with reliable internet

• Access to our scoring platform

• A tasty drink and a snack!

Maybe include a “Side Dish” to enhance your event!
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Survival Trivia

Maybe you're not an all-knowing trivia god. Have no fear! Survival trivia is made up of multiple, shorter rounds of themed trivia. So if your knowledge of 80’s cartoons, Disney movies, and Game of Thrones is strong but you don’t know much about baseball legends or world geography, you could still earn enough points to emerge victorious! 

Evenchilada’s Survival Trivia is available as a virtual event, in-person event or, a hybrid event. Hybrid events are perfect if you’re having an in-person event and still want to include an office in another city or country. We can accommodate that because we can do anything! No matter which way you choose to play, Survival Trivia is a great way for your remote team, or back in the office team to get together and have some fun bonding outside of office hours.

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Survival Trivia

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10 minutes
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