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Merch add-ons

Award the winners of your events some sweet prizes or send everyone matching shirts or socks for your event. You can choose something from our merch site or try one of our packages:

Trivia/ Quiz Prize Package

1st Place: Mug & Melt Your Brain Eco Bag

2nd Place: Melt Your Brain Socks

Music Bingo Prize Package

Line Prize: Corporate Kitty Eco Bag or Socks

Bingo Prize: Corporate Kitty T-Shirtย ย ย 

Murder Mystery Prize Package

Winning Team Prize (up to 6 team members):ย 

Six Each Pairs of Murder Mystery Socks, T-Shirts, Mugs or Eco Bags

Corporate Giftingย 

Options for sending nice gifts to your co workers

Socks, T-Shirts, or Mugs so you and your co-workers match during your event like those weird families on Disney vacations.

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