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Movie Quote Bingo

Movie Quotes + Bingo! The only place to find this Evenchilada original event is right here!
Who is it for?
How long?
60 minutes
How many people?
9 - 200+ people
What form?
In-person, virtual or hybrid

About Our Event

Evenchilada’s Movie Quote Bingo is yet another marvelous event that you can only find here! We take the best movie quotes of all time, mix them all together in an awesome bingo format!  Each player gets their own unique, randomized, and interactive bingo card with movie titles occupying each square. When you hear our entertaining performers play a quote from a movie on your card, you mark the square!  Just head to our booking page and let us know that you want to play some Movie Quote Bingo! And, hey! Don’t forget to add an awesome prize package or meal kit to your event. Want a truly unique experience? Add a short mixology course to the beginning of your virtual event so you can enjoy a tasty beverage while you play!
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How does it work?

Step 1

Go to our booking page, complete the form, then one of our Event Specialists will contact you to complete your booking.

Step 2

We will prepare your personalized instructions for the event then send them to you, so you can send them along to the rest of your group.

Step 3

Get comfortable. Don’t forget some refreshments!

Step 4

Enjoy our amazing event!

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See what some of our latest customers had to say

We all thought it was a great event, Alex our host did an awesome job. 😊 Thank you for all of your help!
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Everyone really enjoyed the event!! We have a very competitive group so I think it was especially fun for them. You were very well organized and helped me get this event going within a week which I really appreciated. We will definitely keep you in mind again for 2021!
The event was amazing. Everyone loved it. For sure, it was the most engaging team event, ever. Thank you so much, I will sure come back for another event with you guys
We want to thank you for the amazing event that you guys hosted, and for all the support in organizing our event we had so much fun (especially in the NY office!)
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