Our Virtual Features

Combo #1


Introducing our newest featured combo, Comedy, Cards, Quiz! This one is truly unique as your event will be hosted by one of our finest, professional comedians.

“Evenchilada Rules!”
Combo #2

Virtual Music Mix

Break out your musical knowledge, and enjoy our music-themed virtual combination! Four games all mixed together into one virtual event! 

Combo #3

Pablo’s Virtual Pick Mix

Our head event chef, Pablo, has selected four of his favourite dishes and served them up in one tasty combination!  

Mini Quiz (quick fire spicy round)
Cards Against Humanity
‘The Guac’ Bingo

Your brain is hungry. FEED IT!

More about it!
Cards Against Humanity
Movie Mix
Wiki Games
Combo #3

Virtual Word Problems

Fire up your brain cells in our Word Problems combination, those with the spiciest words win! 

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