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 It’s like ordering a la carte at one of your favorite restaurants. Do you want some trivia with your music bingo? No problem! Do you want a short round of music bingo after your murder mystery? We can do that! How about a magic show with some Fictionary at the beginning. We are practically salivating at the thought of this awesome Combo event!  Choosing Your Own Evenchilada event combo is a great way for your remote team, or back at work team to experience some truly unique fun to bond with each other after work hours.  Main Courses: • Quiz • Music Bingo • Quiz Bingo • Games Night • Workshop • Comedy Night • Magic Show • Murder Mystery‍ ‍ Side Dishes: • Mini Quiz • Mini Bingo • Mini Quiz Bingo • Plot Twist! • Fictionary • Pictionary • Cards Against Humanity • Wiki Games • Fact or Fiction? • Guess Who? • Short set of Comedy • Short Magic Show • Mini-Mixology Sesh 

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Choose Your Own / Combos

Evenchilada Trivia Night
Virtual quizzes that are spicy and fun!
happy hour aficionados, trivia fans, and anyone who loves to have fun
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Movie Mix
An intense movie-themed event experience!
everyone, hollywood stars, and cinema lovers
30 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Show of your mouse-drawing skills...or lack of skills!
15 minutes
9 - 200+ people
A great word game to get the brain cells pumping!
puzzle solvers, cutthroats, and game lovers
15 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Music Mix
Tap into the musical side of your brain, and enjoy our music-themed three game combination!
quiz buffs, trivia nerds, and music lovers
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Games Night
Mind-boggling word and picture games to liven up your next virtual, in-person, or hybrid event.
puzzle solvers, quiz buffs, and bingo enthusiasts
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Custom Bingo
Bingo with a funky twist and custom made elements!
everyone, bingo fans, and music lovers
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Quiz Bingo
Two of our best events, trivia and bingo, merged into one über event!
quiz buffs and bingo enthusiasts
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Evenchilada Feud
A survey-based game reminiscent of the popular classic game show!
game show enthusiasts, family feud aficionados, and trivia fans
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Evenchilada Music Bingo
A Musical Twist on a Classic Game!
everyone, bingo enthusiasts, and music lovers
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Mixology Course
Learn mixology tips, tricks, and techniques from a pro!
amateur mixologists, happy hour aficionados, and everyone
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Comedy Show
Literally laugh out loud with our comedy shows
jokesters, comedians, and anyone who loves to laugh
45 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Survival Trivia
A the DEATH!
hunger games survivalists, quiz buffs, and cutthroats
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Custom / Themed Quiz
Themed or Custom made Quiz!
puzzle solvers, quiz buffs, and trivia nerds
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Magic Show
Abracadabra! Tedium has been transformed into excitement!!
people who love magic and anyone who loves to have fun
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Evenchilada's most unique feature! A showcase for our finest, professional comedians.
artists, comedians, and trivia fans
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people

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We all thought it was a great event, Alex our host did an awesome job. 😊 Thank you for all of your help!
Cooper Equipment Rentals
The team-building piece was great, allowing our team to talk in small groups and the ice breaker was great. We got all we wanted out of the event.
Activision Blizzard King
Everyone really enjoyed the event!! We have a very competitive group so I think it was especially fun for them. You were very well organized and helped me get this event going within a week which I really appreciated. We will definitely keep you in mind again for 2021!
I thoroughly enjoyed the event, and will definitely advocate for more activities from your company.
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