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Stage 1: Icebreaker - a light, 15-20-minute event to get things started. This is designed to get to know your teammates a little bit better so it’s great for newcomers. Still, even people who have worked together for years will learn something new!

Stage 2: Teamwork Exercise - a 30-45-minute problem-solving exercise. This is the main focus of the overall event designed to learn the strengths and weaknesses of your team members. They will need to work together (or against each other) to reach the desired goal. The task can be company-oriented or more abstract. The choice is yours!

Stage 3: A fun 15-20minute version of an Evenchilada signature event like a mini-quiz or a quick round of music bingo to wrap things up!

It was amazing!! I think the team really enjoyed it.
sparks & honey
The event was great. It really was a good time. We plan to have more in the very near future.
Poetic Digital
The virtual quiz and games event was a great way to get together in a virtual setting, and participate in something that wasn’t directly work related. It was a source of many good laughs and was the talk of the virtual water cooler afterwards! Thanks to Sofia, Stacy and the gang at Evenchilada for making this unique and fun online experience!
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Team Building

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Timeline for a standard event
Intro & Icebreakers
20 minutes
Teamwork Exercise
45 minutes
Mini-Evenchilada Event
20 minutes
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