Team Building
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Who is it for?
game lovers, teams, and puzzle solvers
How long?
60-90 minutes
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In-person, virtual or hybrid
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Team Building

Effective team building with Evenchilada!
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About Our Event

Team building activities your people will LOVE 💕 We have everything you need to host the most delicious event around.
Our team events are smart, fun & get results.
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Team Building

Check out some of our best events

Evenchilada Quiz/Trivia

Virtual quizzes that are spicy and fun!

Movie Mix

An intense movie-themed event experience!


Show of your mouse-drawing skills...or lack of skills!


A great word game to get the brain cells pumping!

Quiz Bingo

Two of our best events, trivia and bingo, merged into one über event!

Plot Twist!

A word game perfect for movie buffs!

Evenchilada Music Bingo

This is not your grandparent's bingo night

Fact or Fiction?

Are you sharp enough to see through our misdirections?!

Coffee Breaks

Spice up your next in-person or virtual coffee break

Team Building

Effective team building with Evenchilada!

Evenchilada Jeoparty

 Get ready to question some answers with our Jeopardy-based event! 

Magic Show

Abracadabra! Tedium has been transformed into excitement!

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Step 1

Go to our booking page, complete the form, then one of our Event Specialists will contact you to complete your booking.

Step 2

We will prepare your personalized instructions for the event then send them to you, so you can send them along to the rest of your group.

Step 3

Get comfortable. Don’t forget some refreshments!

Step 4

Enjoy our amazing event!
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Feedback was really good, Alex was great.
Welltel (Ireland) Ltd
Thanks so much! WE had a great time!
Thank you so much Evenchilada and Jim for hosting such a great virtual event. The storyline was captivating and the event was such a fun way to meet up with colleagues from all over the globe!
Yes, we all enjoyed the event... Derek did a great job, especially in the absence of live feedback. Everyone enjoyed the pictionary and the trivia was super fun, too!
Simpler Trading
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