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 Our in-person, hybrid or virtual trivia features a professional and knowledgeable performer to guide you through our unique questions. For virtual events, they are fully able to use the Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco WebEx or Microsoft Teams video conferencing platforms. If you prefer a virtual conferencing platform not on that list, let us know and we will make sure the performer is prepared to use it ahead of your event. Evenchilada’s trivia also features our own Signature Questions like, Pixel Face!, What’s Happening?, ReverseTrax, the Actogram and more! Head over to our booking page and choose ‘Evenchilada Quiz’ for a trivia event to remember! Types of quizzes we offer: General Knowledge - A mix of pop culture, history, movie, geography, and math questions with our Signature Questions mixed in. Themed Trivia - We can provide a quiz made up of questions about your favorite movies, TV shows, music, or whatever else you can think of! Of course we will include a handful of our popular Signature Questions. Custom - If you’d like some questions tailored just for you and your company. Let us know and we can add those to your in-person or virtual trivia event! Quiz for Kids‍ - Do you want us to keep your kids entertained for a while so you can get some stuff done around the house, or read a chapter or two of that book collecting dust over there? Let us know and we can put that together for you! Don’t forget to add some ‘Side Dishes’ to your event to make it truly unforgettable!‍ 

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Trivia / Quiz

Evenchilada Trivia Night
Virtual quizzes that are spicy and fun!
happy hour aficionados, trivia fans, and anyone who loves to have fun
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Quiz Bingo
Two of our best events, trivia and bingo, merged into one über event!
quiz buffs and bingo enthusiasts
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Survival Trivia
A the DEATH!
hunger games survivalists, quiz buffs, and cutthroats
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Custom / Themed Quiz
Themed or Custom made Quiz!
puzzle solvers, quiz buffs, and trivia nerds
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people

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I would certainly recommend Evenchilada events to others. My team thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Murder Mystery was a fun and an engaging team building activity that certainly achieved our goal of bringing everyone together. Thank you for putting together an enjoyable event!
PMI Service Center Europe Sp. z o.o.
Everyone had a great time, thank you! It was just what was needed in the current depressing environment!
Lineup Systems
Thank you so much Evenchilada and Jim for hosting such a great virtual event. The storyline was captivating and the event was such a fun way to meet up with colleagues from all over the globe!
Overall, the group liked that it was interactive, and we were able to comment while the game was going on.
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