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artists, creative types, and everyone
90 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Comedy Workshops 🎭
Our experienced comedians will show you their approach to writing, delivery and assembling the best set
comedians and anyone who loves to laugh
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Public Speaking Workshop
One of our world-class performers will show you what it takes to captivate a room
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Intro to Podcasting
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Acting Workshops
Evenchilada has a legion of the finest actors from across the planet to help you join their ranks!
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Music Workshops 🎸
Evenchilada Offers a Well-Rounded Selection of Music Workshops!
creative types and music lovers
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Creative Writing Workshop
Evenchilada has Creative Writing Covered!
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Mixology Course 🍸
Learn mixology tips, tricks, and techniques from a pro!
amateur mixologists, happy hour aficionados, and everyone
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Arts & Crafts Workshops
Don't buy overpriced junk at a shop. Make it yourself!
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Cooking Workshops
Our resident chefs can provide a fun virtual learning experience for a variety of cooking styles and techniques
foodies and food lovers
90 minutes
9 - 200+ people
🎨 Paint & Sip 🍷
Get a little tipsy while creating art!
picasso, happy hour aficionados, and artists
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people
General Mindfulness
Begin your path to a better head space
meditation lovers and everyone
9 - 100+ people

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The team really enjoyed the session! They were happy to participate and enjoyed the detectives.
Yes, we all enjoyed the event... Derek did a great job, especially in the absence of live feedback. Everyone enjoyed the pictionary and the trivia was super fun, too!
Simpler Trading
The event was great. It really was a good time. We plan to have more in the very near future.
Poetic Digital
We want to thank you for the amazing event that you guys hosted, and for all the support in organizing our event we had so much fun (especially in the NY office!)
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