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Evenchilada offers two styles of murder mystery!

Mystery Unlimited - Play individually or as teams to figure out whodunnit. First choose your scenario, then our host will present several suspects, their possible motives for murder, and clues that point to the dastardly killer! Then head to breakout rooms to discuss the details with your team and test your deductive skills. If you put it all together faster than everyone else, you win!

Murder Party - In this totally immersive event, you become the characters! All players are given information on their character’s personality and history. One of you is a heartless murderer. Everyone else is trying to figure out who the killer is while misleading, bribing and framing the other players! Also, each player has a secret task to complete during the game; a sort of ‘side mission’. So get ready to get into character and get into the action! (This event is limited to 10 players)

The event went pretty well and we all enjoyed it!
One Concern
We had a lot of fun at the event, thank you for hosting and organizing.
It was amazing!! I think the team really enjoyed it.
sparks & honey
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Murder Mystery

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Timeline for a standard event
Rules Explanation
5 minutes
Scenario and Suspect Presentation
15 minutes
Players to Breakout Rooms
10 minutes
Suspect Testimonies
30 minutes
2nd Breakout Room Session
10 minutes
Presentation of Facts and Winners Announced
10 minutes
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