Murder Mystery πŸ”ͺ

An Evenchilada version of the classic game of whodunnit!
People entertained in Venues across the US, UK and Australia
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Team buildings, Murder Mysteries, Trivia nights and events held

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 ‍What We Offer Evenchilada offers several virtual murder mysteries based on difficulty and amount of gory goodness to help bring you and your team of co-workers, friends, or family together for some virtual and in person sleuthing! We have several virtual murder mysteries to unite us all in the quest to find the killer! Play individually or as teams to figure out whodunnit. Our in-house Lead Detective will present the gruesome narrative, introduce several suspects and their possible motives for murder, then several clues that point to the dastardly killer! Next, they will send you to breakout rooms to discuss the details with your team and test your deductive skills. Guess more things correctly and you win! Just watch out for that red herring!Β 

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Murder Mystery πŸ”ͺ

Arkham Reform School of Ghosts
It's been closed for 78 years, right?
puzzle solvers, horror fans, and goblins
75 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Murder on Mars
detectives, sci-fi nerds, and horror fans
75 minutes
9 - 200+ people
The Snow Turns Red
detectives, cutthroats, and puzzle solvers
75 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Murder Mystery and the Zombie Apocalypse
Leave it to zombies to ruin a perfectly good party!
true crime aficionados, history buffs, goblins, and cinema lovers
75 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Murders of Camp Blackfoot
What could go wrong at summer camp???
cutthroats, ghouls, and ghosts
75 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Winter Murderland
detectives, puzzle solvers, goblins, and ghouls
9 - 200+ people

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Yesterday was so fun! Everyone had a great time. Professor Jim was amazing!!! I was on the winning team! WHOOP! Also nothing but praise from our side. It was very well organized and very easy to follow along!,
We had a lot of fun at the event, thank you for hosting and organizing.
Thank you!! It was SO FUN!
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We had a wonderful time, Stacey was a wonderful host!
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