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Event Add-ons

Mini Trivia Add-On
In-person or virtual quizzes that are fun and spicy!
15 minutes
9 - 200+ people
Evenchilada Gear Add-Ons
Add some awesome Evenchilada merch to make any event more amazing!
9 - 200+ people
Food & Drink Packages
We offer a range of food and drink packages to enhance your event!
9 - 200+ people
Evenchilada 6-pack
A hassle-free way to meet your budget!
60 minutes
9 - 200+ people

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Step 3

Get comfortable. Don’t forget some refreshments!

Step 4

Enjoy our amazing event!

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Thank you, we had a great time on Friday! Jim was great, keeping everything moving and adapting his timings to fit how things were going.
Audio Analytic
The team really enjoyed the session! They were happy to participate and enjoyed the detectives.
We had so much fun! The event itself was really well put together and the host was amazing. We will definitely be back!
WP Engine
The virtual quiz and games event was a great way to get together in a virtual setting, and participate in something that wasn’t directly work related. It was a source of many good laughs and was the talk of the virtual water cooler afterwards! Thanks to Sofia, Stacy and the gang at Evenchilada for making this unique and fun online experience!
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