Games Night

You're one step closer to an amazing virtual event!

Evenchilada takes well-known word and picture games out of last century and into this one!

Have an amazing time with our virtual word-games events. Our glorious hosts will blow your faces off!

  • ‍Fictionary - A great word game to get the brain cells pumping! You and your team will have to put your thinking caps on to come up with definitions good enough to fool your adversaries!
  • Pictionary - An Evenchilada-tastic version of the classic picture game! Our host performer will provide a random word then you or one of your colleagues will have to draw it. Enjoy making fun of them as they struggle to draw with a mouse!
  • Movie Mix - A movie-themed mini-event!
    2 movie plots weaved together, you guess the films, textless movie posters, Boring Film Plot, plus audio clues!


  • Fake Out - A word-based event in 3 parts:
  1. Fictionary - A shorter version of the word game
  2. Fact or Fiction? - A multiple choice event where a subject is presented as well as a fact about that subject. However, the fact is hidden among 3 falsehoods.
  3. Plot Twist! - Can you come up with a plot realistic enough to trick your competitors?


  • Wiki Games A few different creative Wikipedia-based games that encourage you to find the correct ‘rabbit hole’ to get to the target page. Let's check those web-surfing skills!‍
  • All with house-made Evenchilada rules!

Why not go a la carte and add a mini quiz and/or a round of bingo for an out of this world event! It's all about the added extras!

Do you want to create your own menu for your virtual games night?

Choose your own dish!

What you will need:

  • A computer
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A dash of clever creativity!
  • A tasty drink and maybe a snack
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Derrik was a great host and kept things running smoothly over the course of the event. He kept things fun and varied for us throughout and the games were great fun and easy to play too.
The Oakland Group
We had a lot of fun! The games were great, we all had a good laugh. Thanks again so much for organising.
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Games Night

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Timeline for a standard event
1st Round
20 minutes
2nd Round
20 minutes
3rd Round
20 minutes
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