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Arts & Crafts Workshops

Don't buy overpriced junk at a shop. Make it yourself!
Who is it for?
How long?
60 minutes
How many people?
9 - 200+ people
What form?
In-person, virtual or hybrid

About Our Event

In addition to seasonal workshops, we offer several things year-round. Learn a new skill. Add a new look to your home. Give great gifts for less money! ‍ Some of what we offer: • Resin Molding - Turn something special into something timeless by preserving it in resin!  • Handmade Greeting Cards - Overpaying for that card you settled on at the gift shop will be a thing of the past. Give your loved ones a striking card in your own words! • Knitting - Granny was onto something! Knitting is relaxing, therapeutic, and fun! • Dip Dyeing - Our guides will show you the tricks and techniques for amazing dip-dyed products!  • Embroidery - Learn how to make the most intricate and eye-catching embroideries in the comfort of your own home! • Papier-mâché - Let's make a mess together at the same time as making art! • Sewing - This skill is perfect for creativity and practicality.  • Painting! (Paint & Sip) - Go beyond the same ol' "Live, Laugh, Love" garbage that your friends have on their wall and create a unique board painting with the help of our talented guides!
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How does it work?

Step 1

Go to our booking page, complete the form, then one of our Event Specialists will contact you to complete your booking.

Step 2

We will prepare your personalized instructions for the event then send them to you, so you can send them along to the rest of your group.

Step 3

Get comfortable. Don’t forget some refreshments!

Step 4

Enjoy our amazing event!

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See what some of our latest customers had to say

Everyone had a great time, thank you! It was just what was needed in the current depressing environment!
Lineup Systems
Everyone enjoyed the event :) thanks so much for your time! Disco Jimmy made my WEEK!
Etsy, Inc.
We had a wonderful time, Stacey was a wonderful host!
People Doc by Ultimate Software
The virtual quiz and games event was a great way to get together in a virtual setting, and participate in something that wasn’t directly work related. It was a source of many good laughs and was the talk of the virtual water cooler afterwards! Thanks to Sofia, Stacy and the gang at Evenchilada for making this unique and fun online experience!
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