evenchilada presents

Cooking Workshops

Our resident chefs can provide a fun virtual learning experience for a variety of cooking styles and techniques
Who is it for?
foodies and food lovers
How long?
90 minutes
How many people?
9 - 200+ people
What form?
In-person, virtual or hybrid

About Our Event

Have fun learning new cooking styles and techniques! Our chefs will provide a step-by-step cooking display then show you the finished product. Then they can provide real-time tips and critiques as you're preparing the recipe of your choice.Β  ‍ Some of what we offer: β€’ Caribbean β€’ Indian β€’ Filipino β€’ American β€’ Vegetarian/Vegan β€’ Classics from Around the World β€’ Introduction to French Cooking ‍ We will provide a recording of your session so you can use it to perfect your dish later. ‍ Why not add a cocktail paired with your dish to your experience??
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How does it work?

Step 1

Go to our booking page, complete the form, then one of our Event Specialists will contact you to complete your booking.

Step 2

We will prepare your personalized instructions for the event then send them to you, so you can send them along to the rest of your group.

Step 3

Get comfortable. Don’t forget some refreshments!

Step 4

Enjoy our amazing event!
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Thanks so much! WE had a great time!
It was amazing!! I think the team really enjoyed it.
Sparks & Honey
Super fun evening tonight guys! Our staff loved it and we cannot wait for more! Disco Jimmy rulez! Music Bingo was a great success! big love from MarketOne
MarketOne Europe
Thank you, we had a great time on Friday! Jim was great, keeping everything moving and adapting his timings to fit how things were going.
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